Health no longer an issue for ELG

by Dave Boehler
Review Sports Editor

AVERY FELDMANN AVERY FELDMANN Don’t blame Diane Feldmann if she knocks on wood every day.

“Yes, I do,” she joked.

The third-year coach in her fourth stint running the Elkhart Lake/Glenbeulah girls volleyball team opened the season Wednesday at the North Fond du Lac Tournament with a relatively healthy team for once.

“As healthy as I can expect to be,” Feldmann said.

Last season, the Resorters were 0-6 in the Big East Conference Red Division for the second straight season. Part of the reason why was Megan Flora, Avery Feldmann and Ciara Hassinger were hurt.

“My setter went out so I had to take a hitter, who is a big girl who can set and has nice hands, but doesn’t have that free-flow movement and convert her into a setter before a game even started,” Feldmann said. “Avery went out with an ankle injury. Megan was coming back from the year before with an ACL or MCL surgery. She got cleared the first day of practice to start practicing. But when you come back from that, you’re not mobile. She wasn’t sure of her legs. Kaylin was out with a hip injury and was in a brace for a while. The year before, it was a star player that was out. She blew out her ankle and never came back. But last year, my top-three players were out.”

So the coach wishes for a healthy season to be at least competitive.

“I mean, I’m going against schools that have, for the most part, two to three times more kids than some of us schools,” Feldmann said. “It’s hart to compete with you have minimal amount of children to compete with. A lot of the schools have a lot of select players. This is my first year to say that I have three who played outside of the normal season and played on a select team. So hopefully that in itself will make a difference.”

Avery says she is almost 100 percent healthy after breaking her leg in the summer while playing in Detroit for the Wisconsin Volleyball Academy club team at a national tournament.

Avery, the only ELG player who returns after making all-conference second team as an outside hitter/setter, saw trainers on Monday and has to go to a chiropractor as well.

Naturally it is hard not to think about getting injured again.

“Yeah, because I tend to get hurt a lot,” she said. “So it sticks there like, ‘I can’t get hurt. I have to help out.’”

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