To the Editor,

A letter to the editor in the Review, August 24, titled “Pivotal Year,” made me “gasp!”

The writer talks about “not paying attention to political events” and “the corrupt shenanigans of politicians and lobbyists.” I have been paying attention! The “shenanigans” the past 8 years under one party rule needs fixing!

The writer praises the “good times that have come…” But good times are not enjoyed by all! Blaming a $3.5 billion budget shortfall on one administration is disingenuous. A deep world-wide recession had governments bringing people together to deal with revenue short-falls.

Not Wisconsin! Slow to recover because of “deforms” enacted by a “one-party” government along with a divisive resentment divide-conquer style of governance and an our-way-or-the-highway style of legislating, hurt Wisconsin!

The writer describes a government “friendly to business and is getting people to work in record numbers.” But where is the balance? Is the government “friendly” to workers with efforts to ensure jobs that provide for a living-wage, comprehensive benefits, pension plans leading to a secure retirement future, and where employees have a voice in their working conditions? Friendly to women and their rights, to the environment, to our hard-working public employees, and the list goes on?

Democrats are not advocating reversing all “reforms.” Just fix the “deforms” that were not a balanced-commonsense fix for the common good of ALL citizens.

Pay attention to candidates running against the “one-party rule” incumbents. Learn about a progressive “platform” and what will be done to move ALL WISCONSINITES FORWARD!

Tony Evers has said “… return Wisconsin to a place where we treat each other with respect and dignity, where we stop pitting Wisconsinites against each other, and we actually talk and listen to each other, not insult or demean our opponents…together we can get Wisconsin back on track!”

John Binder


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