Bruckschen: Loves Journey, hates snakes

by Dave Boehler
Review Sports Editor

Emily Bruckschen Emily Bruckschen This is the debut of “20 Questions,” where an athlete or coach bravely agrees to be asked some interesting stuff.

Howards Grove junior Emily Bruckschen was kind enough to go first.

She’s an outside hitter in her third season on the volleyball team. Last year, Bruckschen made first-team all-Big East Conference.

Q: If you were principal for a day, what would you do?

A: I would probably have like a huge school gathering like we do for Christmas and stuff. We just kind of go into the gym and play a bunch of different games that are run by the student council for the entire day.

Q: What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into as a child

A: I wasn’t a trouble-type kid. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten into like big trouble or anything.

Q: What was the most embarrassing moment for you in any sport?

A: I feel like I’ve probably tripped or something on the court. Oh! I scored on the opposite opponent’s hoop in basketball in middle school. So, yeah. It was at state and we almost lost that game, so that was terrifying.

Q: How long have you gone without looking at your phone?

A: I feel like I’ve probably gone from morning to night without looking at my phone. It actually kind of makes life a little easier because you’re not looking like, ‘who’s doing this? Who’s doing that?’ You focus on the present, so it’s actually not that bad.

Q: When I was in high school, there weren’t cell phones or the internet. What do you think will be here in 25 years that is not now?

A: Some sort of projection type thing, where you can just tap a button on like your wrist or something. I don’t know, something like that.

Q: What scares you the most?

A: I don’t like snakes. I’m not a snake person.

Q: Name the best restaurant in the area.

A: I love Lino’s Italian restaurant in Sheboygan. They have the most amazing pasta and have really good Tiramisu.

Q: Favorite movie?
A: Mama Mia. I just love all
the music. It’s basically a musical. It’s a beautiful setting, too,
because they’re in Greece. I just
love it.
Q: What is the one TV show
you always have to watch?
A: Friends. I love the show
Friends. It’s just a classic.
Q: Name the best band of all

A: Journey. I am a huge Journey fan. Me and my dad. We love
the song “Don’t stop believing,”
so we always sing that.”
Q: What is the song you enjoy
the most but are afraid to admit?
A: That’s a hard one. I feel like
probably any Justin Bieber song.
I don’t know (laughs).
Q: Let’s say you just won the
lottery. What do you get?
A: I would go on vacation
for probably a couple of months,
somewhere tropical.
Q: Can you recall the best
Christmas or birthday present you
ever got?
A: I’ve gotten tickets to see
Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber,
and then I also got my iPhone. I
was really excited about that, too.
Q: Favorite athlete?
A: Aaron Rodgers.
Q: And least favorite?
A: I don’t think I have a least
favorite athlete.
Q: What celebrity do you
have a crush on?
A: Shawn Mendes.
Q: How would you describe
what is hanging on your bedroom
A: My freshman year, we

went to Board and Brush and we
made these really cool Tiger volleyball wood signs. So that’s on
my wall. I have a TV, some pictures of me, my friends, my family. That’s about it.
Q: What is the biggest pet
peeve or superstition you have?
A: Superstition? It’s probably
like what I eat before my game.
I have to make sure I eat very
simple foods.
Q: What is one thing teammates or classmates do not know
about you?
A: I feel like my teammates
know a lot about me. I don’t
know if they know how much I
love to go on vacations. I love to
go on vacation. I would be doing
that all the time.
Q: Finally, what is your favorite joke?
A: I don’t even know any
jokes. Isn’t there like a newspaper joke or something? I thought
there was a joke about a newspaper, but I don’t remember it. Usually people tell me jokes because
I don’t know a lot of them.
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