Falls mayor discusses issues with HG village

by Steven Ottman Review Correspondent

HOWARDS GROVE – Sheboygan Falls Mayor Randy Meyer spoke with Village Board members about state issues as he has decided to be a candidate for the Wisconsin 27th Assembly District.

Village President James Scheiber welcomed Meyer and stated that the state’s budgets handcuff municipalities like Howards Grove and that the village doesn’t get enough help from the state in funding.

Also, that an approved sidewalk grant has been delayed now for two years. Meyer opened by saying he has been the mayor at Sheboygan Falls for six years. “I feel things can be done better in government,” Meyer said. “It is important to listen, learn and lead. “The state needs to listen to the thoughts on what affects each village and city.

“I’m concerned about shared revenues and how they are used.”

Trustee Dan Binversie said the state and federal governments need to get together. “It’s very disappointing when grants are approved and we can’t get the monies approved,” Binversie said.

Binversie related to the sidewalk grant for the village. Meyer agreed, saying that Falls is also in the same situation and is frustrated over the waiting process.

“I feel it’s important to cut spending and not just cut taxes,” Meyer remarked. “State government needs to be responsible for its spending and not create problems for our children.”

In a recent meeting with the Boys and Girls Club, the club stated that it needs to raise $50,000 in funding to stay open. Some fund-raising ideas were discussed.

Clerk/Treasurer Mary Zore represented the village and said that there was a turnout of 80-90 residents.

After a talk with the board members of the club, the village said that they would entertain a reasonable request if something would come up and hope that they will stay in the village.

Trustee Lee Kunze felt that the club needs a solid fund-raising program.

Visitor Harvey Kohlberg discussed water flowage problems that pertained to the Johannes and Kohlberg properties. Kohlberg felt that the water drainage behind these properties is getting out of hand.

Kohlberg stated that all of the boundaries have been taken down and felt that it may get to the point the DNR might need to get involved. He wants to construct a fence and build a greenhouse.

Building Inspector James Schuette told Kohlberg he needed a building plan and a survey to find which way the water flows.

While Kohlberg said he was concerned about the flooding on the Tom Damrow and Dick Guske properties, he was happy with the way the village continues to improve.

Scheiber told board members that there is some interest in building a TID on the 8 acres at the end of Appletree Road owned by the village.

Binversie has scheduled TID meetings with the Public Works Committee.

Scheiber reminded the committees that budgets are due by the next meeting.

Zore proposed having a one-day sellers permit to be issued by the village constable rather than issuing tickets. The Public Safety Committee will look at the matter.

Zore also discussed shared e-mails and that the board members should be aware of what is forwarded between them.

A reminder on recycling changes was given out to the board members. Larry’s Hauling will no longer continue to pick up electronic items after Sept. 1, 2010. A listing will be published in the village newsletter.

The salary schedule was referred back to the Finance Committee. Schuette stated that there was complaint of illegal dumping at the Memorial Park and wanted the public to know that using dumpsters at the park for private use is illegal.

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