Fees ignore public investment in parklands

To the Editor:

On December 21, rather than take immediate action on an ordinance to repeal the trail fee and the boat landing fee, the Sheboygan County Board voted to refer the ordinance to the Planning, Resources, Agriculture, and Extension Committee that will meet at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 6, at the UW Extension Office, Rooms 5020 and 5022, on the east side of the UW-Sheboygan campus.

At that time, the committee may recommend ending the fees, modifying the fees, or continuing the fees. Since $40,500 was appropriated in the Oct. 26 motion to repeal both fees, which would cover the anticipated 2011 fee revenue, the committee could also decide to take some time to "start over."

The Sheboygan County Conser-vation Association (SCCA) clubs voted unanimously on Dec. 15 to support the repeal of both fees. A number of these clubs have built, maintained, put-in, and taken-out the piers on some of the Sheboygan County lakes – at their own expense. SCCA originally owned, and then donated to the county, two of the current boat-landing properties.

SCCA has donated more than $85,000 toward the Sheboygan County Marsh projects, they have donated $100,000 toward the purchase of Gerber Lake, they have donated more than 300 acres of recreational land to Sheboygan County for public use, as well as countless other projects that benefit the public. SCCA represents 30 member clubs and more than 2,200 members, as well as those sportspeople who support their many fundraisers.

The Jan. 6 committee meeting is a very important one. There is also a public comment session at the beginning of the meeting if you wish to address the committee members. Your presence at this meeting will show that you care and that you support the repeal of both fees.

Phil Mersberger, Oostburg

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