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The Xtra is a free total market publication that covers Sheboygan County from I43 west. It is mailed directly through the post office just like all of our papers. It is a shopper plus, as we call it. While it has all of the classifieds and coupons our customers rely on, it also features several extra bits including: People in Motion (an editorial section announcing promotions and new hiring’s in the community), Sheboygan County’s Top Ten Most Wanted, columns by local politicians, a Wisconsin theme crossword puzzle and more.

The Xtra is all about going beyond being just a shopper. It’s what sets us apart from our competition every day – our willingness to give more than any other paper.

DISTRIBUTION: Mailed to over 16,493 residents in Sheboygan County, from I-43 to the west.
DELIVERY DATES: Tuesday for non-subscribers & Wednesday for subscribers
*Tabloid Format: 12.5″High x 9.5″ Wide
*5 columns wide
*Each column 1.77″ wide
*Full page ad dimensions are 9.5″Wx12.50″H:
*Half page ad dimensions are 9.5″Wx6.25″H:
INSERTS: Inserts are available and must conform to postal regulations. They must be folded, quarter-folded, etc. to be no larger than 9.5″ wide x 12.5″ high
DEADLINES: 11am Thursday
BILLING: Accounts are billed on the first of each month. Prepayment required for new accounts unless previous credit history is established.
TERMS: 30 days

Print an Xtra insert order form

Kay Preissner: 920-893-6411 ext 18 * Cell: 920-980-9150
Penny Jesse: 920-893-6411 ext. 21 * Cell: 262-853-6969

Annie Dueno-Spindler
General Display Email: